We are off to a few wedding shows in the coming weeks

Posted by Richard Goulden | Uncategorised | Friday 20 January 2017 4:51 pm

Come along and see us if you would like to see the quality of our products and the way we work.

The Photo Booth will be running at the shows and we’ll be giving free photos and keyrings away.

22nd January 2017
Kempton Park Racecoure

29th January 2017
Barn at Bury Court

12th February 2017
Sunbury Golf Club

We are also at Latimer House later in the year but they are refurbishing the old house soon and we don’t have a date yet.

Watch this space!

Our Guestbooks

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We love making unique Guestbooks for our clients and we don’t charge any extra for them because we enjoy it so much!

The blue book made for Samuel’s Barmitzvah below is a great example. Each of the different icons on the book cover is an interest of the Barmitzvah boy or something he loves doing and each icon was used as a name for each table.

We carry more than 30 different colours for making books and we are happy to use two colours for your book.

When you book your Photo Booth with us, let us know which colour(s) you would like. If you want anything very jazzy, we do need notice please. The orange and black book cover below was made for Lola’s Bat Mitzvah but Lola’s parents provided the silhouette for us to work from.

logo-guestbook lola-orange-book


The very latest in Photo Booth technology – by Rentabooth!

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The Youth Booth or BeautyBooth HD is a culmination of two years work by Rentabooth.

Almost nine years ago Rentabooth was one of the first Photo Booth companies in the UK. We brought a portable, affordable booth to events like weddings, Mitzvahs and corporate parties. With stunning photo quality, prints for all of your guests (every time they used the booth), superb quality guestbooks AND we carry spare equipment for everything that could possibly go wrong. And all at an affordable price. We have never been the cheapest but we have always been the best, by a long way.

Rentabooth has been constantly evolving and 2000 Photo Booths later we are announcing that we can now knock ten years off your age for any of your guests who use one of our Photo Booths! Think of it as an almost instant, superbly lit, Photoshopped portrait photo and you have the prints in your hands in ten seconds!

How it works. It is a special software that we have been working on for a few years. If, say a 60 year old woman and a 20 year old woman use the Photo Booth together the software, intelligently, isolates each face. It then does more softening and Photoshopping on the older face and barely touches the younger face.

The prints need to be bigger to see just how good they are so a full 6×4 inch print is better and the enlargements are absolutely gorgeous.

The possibilities are endless. Absolutely perfect for corporate product launches, the first hour of the Photo Booth at a wedding while everybody is looking fresh and glamorous, hen parties and any event where the guests are done up to the nines.

Take a look at the samples below to see what we mean.

Give us a call if you would like us to attend your event on 01895 468858.

As promised I have added a couple more shots using our most popular Photo Booth sparkly background.


before IMG_0031_BEAUTY


IMG_1295 before
IMG_1295 after


Wedding Shows

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It’s is a while since my last post but it is finding the time. I am getting married this year too.

A flurry of wedding shows to go to or we have been to.

We covered the Barn at Bury Court in Bentley, nr Farnham last Sunday and it was a very well attended wedding show.

We work there at least 20 times each year. It is a lovely, elegant wedding venue. as lovely on a summers day as it is at Christmas.

We are at the Great Barn in Harrow this Sunday.

We are at Sunbury Golf Club on the 20th February 2016.

We have the Latimer House wedding show on the 24th April.

Come and see us and try our Photo Booth out and receive a keyring for each member of your party who attends the show.

The new Rentabooth website is now up and running!

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Yes it is finally finished.

I have been working for quite a few weeks with the website designer, David Norman, to create a new look to the Rentabooth website. Lots of new photos, a few new choices and a really fresh new look.

Check it out when you have a few minutes.

We have a new Special Offer that has just started. Make sure you book your event between now and the 29th February 2016 and we will pay for half of your VAT!

A £49.50 saving on our typical wedding/birthday package that we offer.

Ask for a quote now.


or give us a call:

01895 468858


Horror stories Part 3

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I had been meaning to post about Part 3 for a few weeks .

A lady called me Saturday and she had booked a Photo Booth for the 20th September for her daughter’s wedding and the company had shut down. She lost her £200 deposit too and is now looking around to find another.

I really do recommend that you check a  company’s track record and find out how long they have been going for before handing over your money.

Rentabooth will have been running for eight year by Christmas this year and we are not going any where after 2000 jobs.

If you want the best Photo Booth company in the UK, by a long way, give Richard or Teresa at Rentabooth a call. 01895 468858 or an email at info@rentabooth.co.uk



Horror stories Part 2

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Hi all.

We were covering Vicky and Pete’s wedding at the Barn at Bury Court on the 19th June and we were chatting to the band that were having fun with the Photo Booth. We bump into them on a regular basis at different weddings and the Barn at Bury Court near Farnham is one of our favorite venues.

The previous week they were playing at a couple’s wedding and there was a competitor Photo Booth. Half way through the evening five of the wedding guests went into the booth and the whole thing collapsed! It literally fell apart. The camera was fixed onto the booth with a piece of wood and was unrepairable and, of course, like so many booth companies out there now, they had no spare.


Horror stories Part 1

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Good morning!

Now that there are so many Photo Booth companies out there being run by so many part time businesses that are just supplementing their income at the weekends, the bad stuff is starting to happen.

On Saturday I had a phone call just after lunch from a bridegroom who sounded quite upset.

He had booked a competitor Photo Booth company and he had a booked them because they were pretty cheap. On the day of his wedding they called to tell him that they couldn’t get their printer to work and they would not be going to his wedding!


Didn’t they have a spare? I’m sorry but running a business where you are attending somebody’s wedding is a once in  lifetime event. If a Photo booth rental company carries no backup equipment it is criminally irresponsible.

Rentabooth has now been running for over seven years with over 2000 events completed and we always carry backup equipment. We carry two of everything. Crazy things have happened to us in the past but because we always carry spares we are able to get up and running again in a few minutes. We carry two computers, two printers, two cameras and numerous spare cables. Many times we have closed a camera case and squished a USB cable but we have always been able to get up and going again fast.

Knowing how much weddings cost nowadays why would you risk a horror story like it by taking a risk by booking a part time Photo Booth business, that has no track record and doesn’t carry spare equipment?

Sadly we were fully booked last Saturday and we were unable to help the couple and I wonder if anybody else was able to help them.

Be warned!


Our Guestbooks are even better!

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Hi All.

I’ve been playing around with different fabrics lately and I have quite a bit of animal print micro fibre lying around from a project a couple of years ago and yesterday I thought, what if…?

You’ve guessed it! I made a Rentabooth guestbook in animal print and it looks absolutely fabulous! Yet another string to the Rentabooth bow. We are now carrying over thirty different guestbook colours! If you would like to book the best and most personalised photo booth company in the UK, just send us an email, or give us a call.


01895 468858

animal print

Online reviews of Rentabooth and a new background

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Hi All.

It’s been a while since I last blogged. It’s finding the time.

When it comes to reviews of Rentabooth, there are hundreds of them on the Feedback tab on the Rentabooth website. All of the reviews were unsolicited and have been copied directly from emails that we have received from satisfied clients. Here is a link:


In the last few months we have been asking our clients to post their comments/reviews on a website called Trustpilot. It is an independent company that reviews thousands of different companies of all types.

To view the reviews of Rentabooth, go here:


I do find it odd that we have four 5 star reviews on the Trustpilot website, yet we don’t have a 100% perfect score!

Check out the new sparkly background we are now using! It gives you a really good idea of just how good our photos are.

The couple in the horror makeup really pushed the boat out for the Halloween party at the Daily Mix party in Central London.


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