Annabel’s Batmitzvah and a trip to Oz

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From this weekend I will be nipping off to Melbourne for eight days. We are going international! A branch of Rentabooth will be opening in Melbourne in about a weeks time. If you need a quote or want to ask any questions about the service that we offer you may find it cheaper next week to send us an email to rather than call. I will be picking up messages every day and answering emails. Because of the time difference I probably won’t be answering as promptly as I would usually do but I will be answering as soon as I can.
Sunday night saw us up at London Bridge for Annabel’s Batmitzvah. Lollies were handed out towards the end of the night and made for some fun shots. Here is Annabel on the left with her friend at the beginning of the evening.

img_0021 img_0036

Then the lollies came out…

img_02771 img_02791



A Photobooth wouldn’t be the same unless some of the vendors popped in and had some fun. A couple of the dancers. img_0327

Lots to tell you

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We’ve had a pretty busy October and the reason we haven’t been able to keep the blog as up to date as we’d like.
The Photobooth really did its stuff last night at the Banqueting House in London for Google. Yep. That’s right. The search engine people… The Halloween Party was for Rhodes Scholars from around the world and the entertainment laid on was superb.

img_0165 img_0168 img_0182 img_0197

The Photobooth was sited very near where the food was being served during the meal and that meant the staff were dying to try it out. Who are we to deny them? Here’s a couple, of shots of them having fun.

img_0143 img_0145

Last weekend we were at the Hippodrome in Leicester Square for Izzy’s Batmitzvah and the main act was McFly! They did a 45 minute set and had Izzy up on stage serenading her. The whole event was booked and created by Dream Events and we have been doing work pretty regularly for them over the last few months. Izzy is bottom left in this shot.






What a creative bunch you can be!

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We covered the Cream Awards at the National Motor Museum in Birmingham last Thursday and the Manchester based company, True Careers, added an interesting twist to the proceedings. They decided on a James Bond theme for the Photobooth!
The Cream Awards are for the advertising and design agencies for innovation etc throughout the year and the introduction of a drop of alcohol to the proceedings made it even more fun.
Here is the winner of the True Careers 007 competition. How did he do it?


I loved this. I have no idea what they were up to but it was fun.


A few more with James Bond as a theme. tru_203 tru_214 tru_216 tru_237 tru_246 tru_2371