A fun and busy weekend

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Saturday night found us down in Folkstone in Kent for Jules and Drew’s wedding reception at the Grand Hotel right on the seafront and I don’t think many people in that area have experienced a Photobooth at a wedding before. They absolutely loved it!
It’s always good to get nice emails from satisfied clients but I do love it when the emails arrive so quickly after an event. This is the email that appeared in my Inbox on Sunday night.
We both just want to say a huge huge thank you to you for all your hard work last night – the photobooth was the surefire hit of the night. Everyone loved it – which is clear as the guest book shows how many times people seemed to go back in. So so glad we booked you – you were both wonderful keeping things organised and getting the book ready for us on the night. After partying back at our hotel until the not so early hours we curled up in bed to go through the book. We love it – such a great momento of the day.
Will be recommending you left, right and centre and sure most of the guests will be too. Can’t wait to see them tomorrow night on the internet in case there’s any we’ve missed.
Once again, big big thanks..
A very happy Drew and Jules x
Here are Jules and Drew. We took a bunch of props and halfway through the evening they brought out a box of their own!

Here we have Jules and Drew’s photographer and videographer getting into the fun…

jules_11 Jules_12 Jules_13 Jules_14 Jules_15 Jules_16 Jules_17 Jules_18 Jules_19 Jules_20 Jules_21

We now have almost 150 Photobooth events under our belts since we started back in 2007 and the experience that we have gained means that our service improves with almost every Photobooth that we cover. We have a couple of new additions to the service that we offer that will be started in the second week in March. Watch this space!
On to Joshua’s Barmitzvah on Sunday night. We were at Quaglinos, one of our favourite Central London venues, where, if the two security guys hadn’t been Jobsworths, it would have been absolutely perfect…
The youngsters and adults enjoyed the Photobooth equally and the Guestbook was one of the largest that we have ever made. There were a couple of clients at the party that have already booked so as always, we were on our best behaviour too.  )
Here is Josh. We don’t often get to listen to speeches but we were in the main hall. Interesting how much we find out about our clients when we are in a position to listen and Josh turns out to be a very confident young man as well as being a voice over artist! I hope I’m allowed to let you know about this… Here he is.
Josh_01 Josh_02 Josh_03 Josh_04 Josh_05 Josh_06 Josh_07 Josh_08 Josh_09 Josh_10

Another week over and looking forward to a very special function next weekend. A Bnei Mitzvah! For those of you who don’t have a clue what I am talking about and I may have spelt it wrong, a Bnei Mitzvah is more than one and of different sexes. In this case we have a set of triplets! Two girls and a boy. Watch this space next week for some images.

Two fun jobs, vat registration and a small (very informal) competition

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Well it had to happen. Rentabooth has been doing so well over the last 16 months that we have had to register for VAT… Of course it will mean that our prices will have to go up slightly which is a pain but for bookings for 2009 we will be paying half of it. 2010 will be our current prices plus 15% VAT.
On to fun things…
We covered Angharad’s 30th Birthday on Saturday night and had a blast. It was a fancy dress party and there were lots of people around with not too much on. Absolutely crazy as the Photobooth was outside and most of the guests started to arrive around 10.00 pm! The temperature on the dash of my car was saying that it was -2 outside but it didn’t seem it bother the crowd of people who used the Photobooth. We did cheat a litte by “borrowing” one of those tall gas heaters and put it near the booth so that all of the smokers who wanted to have a puff nipped out for a smoke and used the Photobooth at the same time.
By the way. It wasn’t a wedding as far as I know. This lady decided to turn up dressed as a bride. Why not? It was Valentine Day!



img_0611 img_0621 img_0651 img_0683 img_0702 img_0726 img_0739

img_0148 img_0166

Sunday night found us at a football club in Finchley for Zoe’s Batmitzvah party and it has to be one of my favourite parties of the year so far. Here is Zoe having fun with a friend and the second image is her sister, Liane. One of many throughout the evening… Hope I’ve spelt her name correctly, by the way. If not, sorry Liane!




img_03602 img_03661 img_03712 img_04671 img_04711

Here’s a little competition for you to see how many emails I receive with the answer. Amongst the images posted this week there is somebody who is very famous in the UK. See if you can recognise them and, let me know who that person is. I’ll let you know next week.


A Bat and a Bar (Mitzvah that is)

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Saturday night found us at Anna’s Batmitzvah at the Marriott Hotel in Regents Park and at Sam’s Barmitzvah at his family home in Hendon.
Great crowds both of them and as always, lots of piccies.
Here’s Anna on the right in the green dress getting into the spirit of the Photobooth very early on.


This is one of the real meanings of the Photobooth. Four generations of a family in one shot. I’m still not sure why the youngsters think it’s so cool to pose with parents and grandparents etc in the Photobooth but they do. If a photographer tries to get the same shot with those same people it is done under sufferance, if at all. The Photobooth is totally different.

img_0059 img_0471

img_0129 img_0164



Here are Anna’s three brothers. Mum loved this shot.


On to Sam’s a few miles up the road. Here he is with Ali G.


img_0255 img_0278