A busy weekend and finally some help

Posted by Richard Goulden | Uncategorised | Tuesday 28 April 2009 1:14 pm

We do get about at the weekends. Last Friday we found ourselves almost out in the middle of nowhere at the Barn at Bury Court in Bentley in Surrey for Kate and Toby’s wedding reception.
Here is the link to Bury Court if you would like to take a look:
And here are the newly weds, Kate & Toby.

Toby_01 Toby_02 Toby_03 Toby_04 Toby_05 Toby_06

On the same evening Kath & Robs’ celebrations took place at The Englemere in Ascot where Stephen and Terri set up the Photobooth.

Kath_01 Kath_02 Kath_03 Kath_04 Kath_05 Kath_06 Kath_07

On to Saturday, where again we had two Photobooths on the same evening. One at the Moor Park mansion in Northwood for Julia & Michael’s wedding reception. You have to see Moor Park to believe it.
Here are Julia & Michael. There they were about to use the Photobooth themselves minding their own business and look who burst in on the act. Half of their guests! They waited until Julia had hit the button and then rushed through the back of the booth. It was hilarious…

Jul_01 Jul_02 Jul_03 Jul_04 Jul_05

What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt? We almost found out with this shot.
Jul_06 Jul_07 Jul_08 Jul_09 Jul_10 Jul_11 Jul_12 Jul_13

Ten minutes later a few of the chaps couldn’t manage to stay upright for the duration of the shots. It was a real giggle for us watching the fun and nobody was hurt. A few bruised egos maybe? Not really.

Jul_14 Jul_15


When they finally managed to get the Photobooth to themselves…

Jul_16 Jul_17

If you ring or make an enquiry on Mondays now you will more likely to chat to Teresa than me. I finally have some part time help so that the blogging and other admin stuff can be quite a lot quicker. She has been helping with the Photobooths for a year now and we have known one another many, many years.


The lull before the storm…

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We had a fab evening at Leez Priory near Chelmsford with Dora and Stephen on Saturday. What a stunning venue!
Here is the link if you are looking for something different.
Here is a shot I took of one of the towers in the twilight while we were waiting for things to start.


Here are Dora & Stephen. Dora is Greek and Stephen is half Italian and half English so they have an interesting mixture of languages in the Guestbook!

Dor_1 Dor_2 Dor_3 Dor_4 Dor_5 Dor_6 Dor_7 Dor_8 Dor_9 Dor_10

They chose album pages that are new for us. Black pages with silver writing. It was something we had to test for a while to make sure that the silver ink dries quickly enough. Here are a few examples. Very difficult to photograph and of course the silver won’t show up in a photograph.

Pag_1 Pag_2 Pag_3 Pag_4

Next weekend we have four bookings and the Bank Holiday weekend following starts for us in Manchester on Thursday night and goes right through the weekend.

Well it’s official!

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Our guests have more fun with one of our Photobooths than any other…
Well. That is what I was told when a couple booked their Photobooth with us last week. The bride had a couple of quotes and put them in front of the groom to choose.
His comment went something like this before booking. “The Rentabooth guests look, from the photos on the blog and website, as though they are having far more fun than the others…”
We, of course, have to agree. Where is that big smiley icon when I want one?
Hope you have had a great Easter. We had a relatively quiet weekend in comparison to previous weeks with a couple of booths but it is very much like the lull before the storm. We have loads coming up in May.
Nickie & KJ were at Clearwell Castle down in Gloucestershire at the beginning of the weekend. If you are not familiar with the venue and you are looking for something stunningly different, check out their website.
Nickie & KJs was a military affair and you know what that means where a Photobooth is concerned/ Very fit guys that can’t wait to strip off! Here are the bride and groom.

KJ_01 KJ_02 KJ_03 KJ_04 KJ_05 KJ_06 KJ_07

Onto The Grange in Northwood and Chrissie and Curtis’s wedding. Very local for us and by far the biggest Guestbook and the busiest we have ever been for a three hour Photobooth.
Here are the Chrissie and Curtis.

CHR_001 CHR_002 CHR_003 CHR_004 CHR_005 CHR_006 CHR_007 CHR_008 CHR_009 CHR_010 CHR_011


Two weddings and a Batmitzvah

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Another busy and fun weekend leading up to Easter with many old faces from previous events. Starting off with Anita and Darren’s wedding in Guildford.
Here they are. Anita & Darren trying Strictly Come Dancing pose in the booth…

Daz_01 Daz_02 Daz_03 Daz_04 Daz_05 Daz_06 Daz_07 Daz_08 Daz_09


Onto Greenwich at an old haunt of ours going back to Christmas at the Royal Naval College. It is a fab venue and Kathryn and Ian’s wedding took place. Here they are.


A few months ago we covered Viv and Matt’s wedding up in the Midlands. Just to prove that clients come back to us time and again here is Viv, on the left, this time as a bridesmaid.


Kat_14 Kat_15 Kat_16 Kat_17 Kat_18 Kat_19

This is what happens in a Photobooth, much after 10.35 pm… Kat_20Kat_21 Kat_22

After that shock onto Jaime’s Batmitzvah. Here is Tracy (Mum), Jaime and sister, Emma. Stephen and Terri covered the Photobooth as I was shooting the party in the old fashioned way. Photos to come from that side of the party next week.

Jai_23 Jai_24 Jai_25 Jai_26 Jai_27 Jai_28 Jai_29 Jai_30 Jai_31 Jai_32 Jai_33