Four weddings, a Batmitzvah and a Barmitzvah

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Wow! One of our busiest and most fun weekends so far. Also our first civil partnership, courtesy of Laura, (David’s sister) booking David and Michael’s Photobooth just a week before. All a surprise too as a present from her.
We started off with Stacey & Matt’s wedding reception in East Ham. Here they are. As you can see it was a very laid back affair…

STA_1 STA_2 STA_3 STA_4 STA_5 STA_6 STA_7 STA_8 STA_9 STA_10 STA_11

On to London for a riot of colour.
Here are Bisi and Marianne.


On to Ewell in Surrey for Roger and Maggie’s celebrations. They have been one of the biggest Photobooth addicts from when we started and if I remember, this was the fourth wedding with one of our Photobooths in the family in the last year!


That wrapped up Saturday evening. On to Sunday…
Onto Hatfield for our first Civil Partnership with David & Michael. Here they are.


DAV_002 DAV_003 DAV_004 DAV_005 DAV_006 DAV_007 DAV_008 DAV_009 DAV_010 DAV_011 DAV_012

On to the Gabi’s Batmitzvah at the HAC Armoury in EC1. Dominic and Stephen tell me it is a great venue, by the way. Here she is.


This bunch were going for the record! Still didn’t make it but it was close. Please note that you simply would not get anything like this number of people in either a solid Photobooth or any of the companies that only produce upright/portrait images.



Last but by no means least. George’s Barmitzvah on Bank Holiday Monday.
Here he is.


Next weekend is another busy weekend but the weekend after we are off to Edinburgh!

Four Photobooths and a lot of miles…

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From Brighton, Ipswich, Warwickshire and a local Photobooth in Guildford, once again, it’s been a busy weekend.
We kicked off the weekend with Carey and Nick’s wedding reception in downtown Brighton. Here they are.
Car_1 Car_2  Car_3 Car_4 Car_5 CAR_05 Car_6 CAR_06 Car_7

On to Bruisyard near Saxmunden in Ipswich. Wow what a venue! Bruisyard Hall is a country house out in the middle of nowhere and has at least 2 floors of bedrooms that your guests can hit when they’ve had enough. As far as I can see you can book the whole thing and do whatever you like with it. Amanda had music, karaoke and of course the Photobooth. As well as “conventional” food, guess what arrived half way through the evening? Yep. A fish and chip van!
Here’s a link to the venue.
Here are Amanda and Liam and their guests.
Ama_1 Ama_2 Ama_3 Ama_4 Ama_5 Ama_6 Ama_7 Ama_8

Victoria & Lewis had their wedding reception in Compton near Guildford. They even took some props of their own!
Here are Victoria & Lewis and their guests.

Vic_1 Vic_2 Vic_3 Vic_4 Vic_5 Vic_6 Vic_7 Vic_8 Vic_9 Vic_10 Vic_11

Last but by no means least we move onto Walton Hall in Warwickshire for Jo and Adam’s reception. Another beautiful venue, by the way. Here they are trying to kill one another…

Jo_1 Jo_2 Jo_3 Jo_4 Jo_5 Jo_6

We even managed to get the Toastmaster in the Photobooth.

And of course the staff had to use the Photobooth…



Three Photobooths and a wedding fayre

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We covered three Photobooths and a wedding fayre over the weekend. The wedding fayre was in a very unusual venue. The Submarine Museum in Gosport! The turnout was huge and I have feeling, judging by the number of people that went into the Photobooth that we will have a glut of bookings in Hampshire over the coming months. By Sunday evening I just wanted to take my feet off and relax…
Probably more of a guy thing, unless there is another wedding fayre going on there, of course, but here is the link to the Submarine Museum in Gosport. There are loads of other museums down in Gosport and it’s a lovely part of the world.
It was very unusual to have three bookings all pretty local to us and no more than 25 miles away. And all on the same evening. Hemel Hempstead was the farthest we had to travel.
We start with Carolyn and Andy’s celebrations in Hemel Hempstead. Here they are.

Another girl that really should go to Specsavers…


The youngsters catch on fast with the booth.


Lots of bumps on show this weekend. And bums but I’ll spare you those… I’m trying to remember what was on the telly five or six months ago. It must have been really boring…


CAR_08 CAR_09 CAR_10

On to Sunbury-on-Thames with Sharleene and Alex’s wedding reception.

SHA_001 SHA_002 SHA_003 SHA_004 SHA_005 SHA_006 SHA_007 SHA_008 SHA_009 SHA_010 SHA_011 SHA_012 SHA_013 SHA_014

As wedding photographers we’ve shot a large number of mixed marriages of all flavours over the years but last weekend we covered one of our first Asian weddings with the Photobooth. And it was only in Langley, near Slough. Very, very close for us.
We had another first last week too. Our first Civil Partnership booking for the end of this month.
Here are Shinali and Tushar.

SHI_001 SHI_002 SHI_003 SHI_004 SHI_005 SHI_006 SHI_007 SHI_008 SHI_009


7 Photobooths, a wedding and over a 1000 miles

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Last weekend started earlier than usual on Thursday night in Manchester and ended up via places like Chelmsford, Bristol and Addington back up north in Mansfield on Sunday night.
We kicked off in Manchester with the Drum magazine Roses Ad Awards sponsored by True Careers a client from last year. Roses were naturally the theme and may give some of you out there some ideas for your event.

We have to be pretty careful what we leave lying around. Gaffer tape included…


Amy and Neil’s wedding took place in Guildford on Friday and Stephen and Dominic took over while I recovered from Thursday night. There was a lot to organise for the coming weekend with the whole wedding to shoot as well in Bristol the following day.

AMY_01 AMY_02 AMY_03 AMY_04 AMY_05 AMY_06

Once again some old faces going back to last year at Katie and Simon’s wedding out in Leatherhead on Saturday night. I think that they have now made a total of four bookings with us in the last year and been at all all of them!

Kat_01 Kat_02 Kat_03 Kat_04 Kat_05 Kat_06 Kat_07 Kat_08 Kat_09

Jenni & Scott were also married on Saturday at Addington Palace near Croydon. Here they are.


This is why the Photobooth is such a great addition to almost any gathering. Four sisters together. I wonder when they were last photographed together?

JEN_02 JEN_03 JEN_04 JEN_05 JEN_06

Onto Bristol where we photographed Nicola and Noel’s wedding too. Rather than ferrying cars around etc Kung went with us in the morning and spent the day relaxing in the Spa at the hotel and joined us to set up and do the Photobooth in the evening. Everybody had a great time. It was a great day with good weather with lovely people determined to have a great time. Lots of old faces too from Sarah and Ryan’s wedding last year.
I will be posting some of their main wedding photos too as soon a the two of them come back from honeymoon in a couple of weeks.

Sarah and Ryan. I think Sarah’s mum’s record for the number of times in the Photobooth last year was recently broken…


Leez Priory near Chelmsford was the penultimate Photobooth of the weekend for Julia and Jonny’s wedding reception and I have to say it is one of our favourite venues. If you follow us regularly you will remember the moonlit shot of the tower that I posted a couple of weeks ago. Stephen and Terri made their way over there late Sunday afternoon.

JUL_01 JUL_02 JUL_03 JUL_04 JUL_05 JUL_06

Here is one of the reasons that we love Leez Priory. The staff. Always smiling and we let them use the Photobooth while we are setting up too.


Last on what was a long, tiring but fun weekend was Bekki and Nick’s wedding up in Mansfield.
Here they are.


These two both went into the Photobooth on crutches… It’s always interesting to hear people’s stories and the guy in the shot broke his leg a while back and in sympathy the girl broke her foot the previous day.


I have no idea where these two found the Ready Steady, Cook signs. We didn’t supply them but I can tell you that comments that they wrote in the book beside the images were hilarious but very rude!

BEK_03 BEK_04 BEK_05 BEK_06 BEK_07