We’ve broken a few records this year & been working in Selfridges leading up to Christmas

Posted by Richard Goulden | Uncategorised | Tuesday 28 December 2010 12:08 pm

Like to wish you a belated Happy Christmas and hope you have a great 2011.
It’s been a while since I last had the time to add to this page and so much has happened since then I think it will be a loooong post.
First of all I think I need to thank the whole of the Rentabooth team. It has been expanding fast over the last six months and we now number five Photobooths and a dozen members of staff.
We’ve met little green men, had one of our Photobooths turned into a Las Vegas wedding chapel at a recent corporate Christmas party and also celebrated Rentabooth’s third birthday on the 22nd December. Can’t believe it’s been three years! By New Years Eve this year we will have covered 610 Photobooths!



One of the things we have been experimenting with is using different coloured backgrounds in the Photobooth. The main issue for us has always been getting peoples skin colour right in such a small space like a Photobooth and the main reason that we have not offered it as an option. Pleased to tell you that after much experimentation it is something we can do. And everybody has their natural colour…

IMG_0202 IMG_0229

Back in October Rentabooth was a approached by Royal Mail about Smilers stamps. They were having a shop in Selfridges from the beginning of November until Christmas and asked if we had the technology to print their Smilers on the spot. After some research and an update to the Rentabooth software we went into Selfridges on the 3rd November and offered the Wallace & Gromit Smilers on the spot to their customers.
The camera we used was hidden inside a 100 year old wooden plate camera and we were shooting adults and kids and printing their photo on a sheet of 20 First Class stamps. Here are a couple of examples.
They are loads of fun and we are hoping to offer the stamps to couples who use our Photobooth images for their wedding thank you cards later this year. Watch this space!

wallace-gromit-blog-sheet wallace-single-stamp