A looong time since my last blog and I must do better

Posted by Richard Goulden | Uncategorised | Monday 2 April 2012 11:51 pm

2011 on the Photobooth side of things was busier than ever despite the huge number of Photobooth companies that seem to have appeared from nowhere.
On a personal level it wasn’t good. Sadly my mother was taken ill about this time last year and over a few months she deteriorated badly and sadly passed away at the end of September. She was 84 years old.
On another personal but very different note – a friend that I have known for over 25 years, who lodged in my house for 3 years and who I also employed as a photobooth operator, has started his own photobooth company. I feel that I treated this friend very well and I’m pretty disappointed that he used the knowledge gleaned from me, to start up in direct competition to Rentabooth.
However, he joins an over crowded marketplace of new photobooth companies and I’m pleased to say that Rentabooth’s track record of excellent service and really nice products out-competes them all.
On to the good bits that you probably visited this blog for!
We covered our 1000th event with Rentabooth back in January and because we offer superb service and are constantly adding new products to our range we are getting busier and busier.
We now have two of our own iPad apps! The email app is now up and running (we currently have two set ups) that allow your guests to email their Photobooth images to themselves. If we have a good Internet connection, that is currently reliant on a Vodaphone sim, they can also Facebook them. Live from your event!
For a wedding or party it is loads of fun. For a corporate event/product launch it is a huge marketing opportunity! We can add a footer to each email and send out your company details with every email or Facebook image that goes out.
The next stand we build will be made out of wood to blend in at some of the beaatiful old buildings that we work at. We are also working on a see through stand made out of perspex that will be jazzed up with leds for the mitzvahs that we cover.
Did I mention that we don’t charge any extra for the iPad service?!
When the full version of our second iPad app arrives in the next week or so, I will post some examples or what we will be offering next.

We can now personalise the envelopes that we hand out that contain your guests’ prints!
Let us know in an email what message you would like on the envelopes that we hand out with your prints a few weeks before and we will make sure that they are printed prior to your event. If you have a monogram or logo with your names, for instance, from your wedding invitations, let us have it and we can probably print it on the envelope too. A PDF is fine.
A mention about the themes that we offer. They are getting better and better. Here is another example that we did for Intel a few weeks ago. It was a fun event at the Meca in Swindon ( it really in one ‘n’, by the way!) where the whole place was decorated as an American Diner. The three girls in the shot spent all evening whizzing around the place on roller skates. Did I mention that I love my job!