New & included with every booking from Rentabooth for 2014!

Posted by Richard Goulden | Uncategorised | Thursday 23 January 2014 8:27 pm

A quick word about the promotion that we are offering for 2014.
The latest Photobooth craze is definitely the moustaches, lips and glasses that we have seen at almost every Photobooth that we have attended over the last month or so.
A company like Dixie and Dotty are charging £15.00 for ten of them and they almost hide people’s faces they are so big!
They are something that we have been making on our laser cutter for the last few weeks  and we will be including 36 of them with every Photobooth that we attend in 2013!
At Dixie & Dotty’s prices it is a saving of over £50 as we include them in with the Photobooth package that we offer!
This is on top of all of the extra exclusive goodies that we offer to our clients that no other Photobooth company offers. The iPad email stand, the personalised Guestbooks, truly unlimited prints and the superb quality printing that we deliver to our clients week after week.
We are already fully booked for a quite a few dates this summer. Don’t delay if you want to guarantee your date.
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