The book assistant

Posted by Richard Goulden | Uncategorised | Thursday 13 March 2014 6:26 pm

Recently we attended a wedding show and the previous evening at the same venue there was an event that used a competitor Photo Booth company. The co-ordinator of the event told us that there was only one assistant with the Photo Booth and none of the guests were leaving a print to go into the guestbook at all. As a result, no written message either. The guests were expected to do it themselves! That is probably fine early in in the evening but once the guests have had a few drinks, they simply don’t bother.

We make sure that all of your guests leave a message alongside their photos. For Rentabooth the very essence and the whole point of having a Photo Booth at a birthday party, wedding or mitzvah is the Guestbook that we create for the party hosts and our Guestbooks are very special. They contain all of the photos from the evening with messages alongside them, that we get from your guests. That is the sole job of the book assistant.

We make the Guestbooks ourselves in the colour you like, and engrave your names and date on the cover. Another thing we have found over the years is that, if a whole book is put down on the table, it limits the number of guests who can be leaving messages at the same time and just one drinks spill will be enough to ruin all of our hard work.

As a result we put individual pages on the table for guests to leave messages. It means that up to three sets of people can be leaving messages at the same time and it really speeds up the flow of your guests through the Photo Booth. Also a drinks spill is far more likely to damage a single page.

At the end of the evening the pages are bound into the cover and the spine of the book is cut to the number of pages in the book. As a result our Guestbooks are always full, regardless of the number of pages in the completed book. We, of course, present the book to you at the end of the evening.

It is just one of the reasons why no other Photo Booth company can get near us in terms of service and quality.