The very latest in Photo Booth technology – by Rentabooth!

Posted by Richard Goulden | Uncategorised | Tuesday 2 August 2016 11:57 pm

The Youth Booth or BeautyBooth HD is a culmination of two years work by Rentabooth.

Almost nine years ago Rentabooth was one of the first Photo Booth companies in the UK. We brought a portable, affordable booth to events like weddings, Mitzvahs and corporate parties. With stunning photo quality, prints for all of your guests (every time they used the booth), superb quality guestbooks AND we carry spare equipment for everything that could possibly go wrong. And all at an affordable price. We have never been the cheapest but we have always been the best, by a long way.

Rentabooth has been constantly evolving and 2000 Photo Booths later we are announcing that we can now knock ten years off your age for any of your guests who use one of our Photo Booths! Think of it as an almost instant, superbly lit, Photoshopped portrait photo and you have the prints in your hands in ten seconds!

How it works. It is a special software that we have been working on for a few years. If, say a 60 year old woman and a 20 year old woman use the Photo Booth together the software, intelligently, isolates each face. It then does more softening and Photoshopping on the older face and barely touches the younger face.

The prints need to be bigger to see just how good they are so a full 6×4 inch print is better and the enlargements are absolutely gorgeous.

The possibilities are endless. Absolutely perfect for corporate product launches, the first hour of the Photo Booth at a wedding while everybody is looking fresh and glamorous, hen parties and any event where the guests are done up to the nines.

Take a look at the samples below to see what we mean.

Give us a call if you would like us to attend your event on 01895 468858.

As promised I have added a couple more shots using our most popular Photo Booth sparkly background.


before IMG_0031_BEAUTY


IMG_1295 before
IMG_1295 after