Photo Booth Choices

Posted by Richard Goulden | Uncategorised | Wednesday 15 November 2017 11:21 am

Rentabooth offers many choices for the look of your Photo Booth, the different iPad stands, the colour of the your guestbook etc. Strips or 6″ x 4″s? Black & white or colour are important.

These are the two choices that can TOTALLY alter the look of both, the prints that we hand out to your guests and also the overall look of your guestbook.

The strip prints are a timeless classic going back to the original Photo Booths in the 1920s, and of course, only black & white was available. You also had to wait five minutes for the photos to be developed back then…

So those two things will define the look of your guestbook that Rentabooth will present to you at the end of the evening when your Photo Booth is finished. Black & white or colour is a personal choice.

We are now making the strips or 6″ x 4″s choice a financial one too… If you have the strips it saves us money on printing costs and we are passing it on to you, our clients. Any bookings we take before 28th February 2018 where you choose the strips will save you £25 on the booking.

(Did you know that Photo Booths were invented in 1925?!)