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A few things have come up in the last week and I feel the need to clarify a couple of things as far as the service that Rentabooth offers against some of our competition. Rentabooth prints on the night and you receive your prints for your guests and the book immediately. I found that one of London based Photobooth companies charges per print and they are £1 each! While their basic fee for supplying a Photobooth is quite a bit cheaper than us by the time you add the price of the book and the prints on top, if you have a 150 guests with prints for them and your book you will end up paying a lot more than our inclusive fee. Our books are hand made by our tame bookbinder in your wedding/event colours and your names are embossed on the cover.
We do not make prints on inkjet printers at all. We use professional heavy duty printers that use a thermal process that make a print every ten seconds. (Places like Thorpe Park and Alton Towers use the same printers.) Prints drop into the printer tray, bone dry and laminated too. If you dip one of our prints into a pint of beer you can run it under a tap (to remove the beer!), give them a wipe and they are as good as new.
One other thing…
I notice a couple of Photobooth companies are making wild claims about the fading, or lack of, old fashioned chemical printing versus digital printing. The truth is that any colour or black & white print will fade over time. It is where you store or display it that will decide on its longevity. Stick it on a shelf that is hit by the sun every day and it will fade very quickly no matter how it was printed. In a book it will be fine for many, many years to come. On a shelf where it is away from a sunny window it will be fine.
With the old fashioned Photobooths if the chemicals that developed the prints were fresh, you would get a better quality result. As the Photobooth was used more and more the quality gradually deteriorated…
Another problem that has always been with the chemical process is washing the old chemicals out of the prints that are made. At home in a darkroom where access to running water is easily obtainable it’s pretty straightforward to get the chemicals that develop and fix a photographic image out of the paper. Not so easy in a Photobooth. There is no plumbing with a conventional Photobooth so it is almost inevitable that residual chemicals will hang around on and in a print that will contribute to fading and discoloration, much faster than a properly washed print. By the way, Rentabooth use digital Kodak printers with Kodak paper.
On to this last weekend of mayhem…
We traveled to Cowley and Littlemore in Oxfordshire for Ella and Philip’s wedding on Friday. It was a slightly surreal experience as I was brought up in Cowley near Uxbridge. Here is Ella at the hotel.

img_9033 img_9051

_mg_3602 _mg_4461 _mg_4602

While the wedding in Oxfordshire was going on, Zoe and Dominic travelled to Staines for Diane and Larry’s photobooth. As always, wacky and loads of fun.

img_0212 img_01262

Last night (Sunday) we travelled to Henley to Shiplake College for Jackie and Chris’s wedding reception. Here they are.
img_0010 img_0044 img_01821

Not sure I have seen a tongue quite as long as this before. The little girl turned up to use the Photobooth every fifteen minutes with somebody different each time. She was great fun.


img_0033 img_0039


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