LGBT community weddings – we love them!

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There is one type of wedding or party that we love as they are so much fun. Gay weddings and civil partnerships! And we don’t do enough of them!

We have been covering them for years and the first that we did, way back in 2008, set the scene for all the rest. The wedding party dressed up as the Village People outfits and karaoked the YMCA. It was hilarious and so much fun.

Last Saturday night we covered Lindsay & Cassy’s wedding party in Berkshire.

They were married in Las Vegas. The party had a Las Vegas theme as did the reception and photo booth photos. There was also a roulette wheel and blackjack table.

We love weddings from the LGBT community! Give us a call if you have one coming up! 01895 468858.

Celebrities and Rentabooth over the years

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Leona LewisWe get asked this on a regular basis and seeing Gabby Allen (Love Island and Big Brother) at The Gypsy Shrine Promo party in London a couple of nights it started me thinking who has been in our photo booths over the years.

It’s a shame but a few of the parties that we covered specifically for celebrities carried NDAs (Non disclosure agreements) and we are not allowed to use the photos.

Most of them have been at family parties, weddings etc.

Pixie Lott was one of the first who was at a friend’s or family wedding. Jarvis Cocker turned up to a fancy dress party dressed as a convict, if I remember. Chris Patten (Ex governor of Hong Kong and Tory minister) was in a big group in the booth at a wedding in Bath a while back. Limahl was a guest and a singer at a wedding in London last year. If you of a certain age, Mandy from Eastenders (Nicola Stapleton) made it into the booth in year one for Rentabooth. She was in Eastenders in the 90s and Google has just told me that she came back in 2012.

Probably the biggest celebrity (to me) has to be Leona Lewis. We supplied a photo booth to one of her pet projects at a farm in Essex a few years back where she was singing with Matt Cardle. She really is very, very good live.

These are just those I remember and I will revisit this as others come to mind.

A fabulous thank you card

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We had a lovely thank you card through the post this morning and had to share it with you. It is a very, very nice review of the service that we offer and mentions nothing about multiple prints, props, backup equipment, price or anything like. You can read it from the card or below where I have typed it into text.

Dear Richard. We just wanted to say a huge thank you for your conduct and professionalism in regard to the photo booth we hired from you.

Although photo booths are more of an expectation now, rather than a unique part of a wedding, your service was hands down the best we have ever experienced. Or could have hoped to receive.

From start to finish you were superb and all our guests complimented your work. You guided us through every phase and as a result we now have photos to cherish forever.

The photo album you and Mon made was amazing and we absolutely love it! I will most definitely be sending people your way in the future and I don’t reckon there is a better photo booth service around!

Katie & Errol xxx (July 2018)

Hats and props.

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Hats and props. We love them! Whenever we find new hats, wigs and glasses we always add them to our prop box collection to give the guests of our clients as big a choice as possible. We travel all over England and there is nothing better than finding a new place to find very colourful hats etc. I’ve posted a couple of our latest examples. Please note. The multi coloured wig is a Mohican worn sideways!

Rentabooth has won another award!

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Rentabooth has been crowned: The Best Photo Booth Rental Business 2018 in the SME Greater London Enterprise Awards! – 3rd August 2018

Paying in instalments for our services

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A few times over the years we have had clients ask if they can pay for our services in instalments and the answer has always been yes.

We require a £150 retainer when you make your booking and the balance can be paid in any way that you like. Most set up a regular payment direct into our bank account so that the balance is paid off just before your event.

There is no fee to pay by doing things this way unless you choose to pay by credit card each month and then there is a modest charge to cover the payment that we make to the credit card company.

Strips are now cheaper…

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Almost all of our clients go for the 6″ x 4″ option when it comes to the size of prints and rarely go for the classic “photo booth” strip prints. I’m not sure why but there is a reason I’m telling you this. Price! We have introduced a £20 price reduction on our quotes because the smaller prints cost us less in both print cost and sticky costs. (The special tape machine that puts double sided sticky on the back of the prints). When you email for a quote please request that we quote for strip prints. Examples in the attached photo.

We have a new 5* Review!

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We covered Brian & Jonathan’s wedding last weekend and created the biggest book we have made this year. The guests didn’t stop using the booth all night!

Here is the review that Brian left on Google for us a couple of days later.

The Team here are excellent. They are incredibly helpful and helped make our wedding day a treat. At the end of the night they handed over our personalized album with all of the hand written notes and photos taken. All of our guests got individual photos as well as a keep sake. The booth was full all night! Highly recommend Rentabooth to anyone looking for a photo booth for your event.
Brian Smith

Our books

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There are quite a few reasons why Rentabooth have always made our own guestbooks and when we started, over ten years ago.

We wanted an album that looked really good. Something very special that our clients could look back on for years to come.

We looked at many different shop bought books and one of the main problems was the size of them and also the quality. A4 is simply too small. Two 6×4 prints actually overlap which is not a good look and we also needed lots of space for your guests to write their messages.

We also wanted to use black pages which we also make ourselves using quite a thick card. Using black pages means that we also use gold or silver pens which look stunning.

Another criterion was that we had to find something other than a Pritt stick or tape to fix the photos to the pages and it took a while to find a special gluing machine to give our books the perfect finish.

We have no idea at the start of an event just how many pages a book will be by the end of the evening so we came up with a system where we bind the pages into the book at the end of the evening. On a quiet photo booth a guestbook might be 12 pages. A busy one it could be 50.

The great thing about the system that we use is that our books are always full.

We have spent hundreds of hours and so much testing perfecting the way we work and it’s just a few more reasons why we are better than the others.

Rentabooth have won an award!

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Rentabooth have won a Bridebook Silver Award!

If you are looking for a nice easy way to compare, shortlist and book your wedding vendors and suppliers, organise your guest list and budget, take a look at Bridebook.

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