Horror stories Part 1

Posted by Richard Goulden | Uncategorised | Tuesday 16 June 2015 11:26 am

Good morning!

Now that there are so many Photo Booth companies out there being run by so many part time businesses that are just supplementing their income at the weekends, the bad stuff is starting to happen.

On Saturday I had a phone call just after lunch from a bridegroom who sounded quite upset.

He had booked a competitor Photo Booth company and he had a booked them because they were pretty cheap. On the day of his wedding they called to tell him that they couldn’t get their printer to work and they would not be going to his wedding!


Didn’t they have a spare? I’m sorry but running a business where you are attending somebody’s wedding is a once in  lifetime event. If a Photo booth rental company carries no backup equipment it is criminally irresponsible.

Rentabooth has now been running for over seven years with over 2000 events completed and we always carry backup equipment. We carry two of everything. Crazy things have happened to us in the past but because we always carry spares we are able to get up and running again in a few minutes. We carry two computers, two printers, two cameras and numerous spare cables. Many times we have closed a camera case and squished a USB cable but we have always been able to get up and going again fast.

Knowing how much weddings cost nowadays why would you risk a horror story like it by taking a risk by booking a part time Photo Booth business, that has no track record and doesn’t carry spare equipment?

Sadly we were fully booked last Saturday and we were unable to help the couple and I wonder if anybody else was able to help them.

Be warned!


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