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There are quite a few reasons why Rentabooth have always made our own guestbooks and when we started, over ten years ago.

We wanted an album that looked really good. Something very special that our clients could look back on for years to come.

We looked at many different shop bought books and one of the main problems was the size of them and also the quality. A4 is simply too small. Two 6×4 prints actually overlap which is not a good look and we also needed lots of space for your guests to write their messages.

We also wanted to use black pages which we also make ourselves using quite a thick card. Using black pages means that we also use gold or silver pens which look stunning.

Another criterion was that we had to find something other than a Pritt stick or tape to fix the photos to the pages and it took a while to find a special gluing machine to give our books the perfect finish.

We have no idea at the start of an event just how many pages a book will be by the end of the evening so we came up with a system where we bind the pages into the book at the end of the evening. On a quiet photo booth a guestbook might be 12 pages. A busy one it could be 50.

The great thing about the system that we use is that our books are always full.

We have spent hundreds of hours and so much testing perfecting the way we work and it’s just a few more reasons why we are better than the others.

Rentabooth have won an award!

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Rentabooth have won a Bridebook Silver Award!

If you are looking for a nice easy way to compare, shortlist and book your wedding vendors and suppliers, organise your guest list and budget, take a look at Bridebook. www.bridebook.co.uk

Choosing your photo booth company for your event – Part 1

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We are only occasionally asked if we carry spare equipment for our photo booths and it does surprise me. All computers, cameras and printers breakdown sometimes and in over 2500 events and over ten years we have been fortunate to have only had a couple of major problems with equipment. The type of printers we use are very fast and very high quality but they are quite prone to condensation which is worse in the UK than many other countries with a warmer climate.

Taking a printer from a cold car into a warm venue can mean a printer won’t work initially while it warms up. The same applies to camera lenses and sensors.

One of the reasons we always arrive an hour before we are due to start is to iron out any possible issues but the main reason we have few problems is that we carry spare equipment for everything that runs a photo booth. A spare camera, printer, computer, batteries and cables. On the rare occasion that we do have a problem, swapping a camera or computer out takes less than five minutes allowing us to be up and running again very quickly.

Surely checking that the photo company you are intending to use for your once in a lifetime wedding should be one of the first things you ask? The majority of our competitors don’t carry spare equipment….

Our latest review

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First Class

I attended my granddaughter’s wedding reception where the bride had hired Rentabooth. It was a hot day but this small company provided a masterclass in efficiency from the erection of the booth and equipment itself, to the running of the booth for the duration of the booking. Nothing was too much trouble. Richard owns the business and is assisted by his wife, who makes the guestbook up for the bride and groom over the course of the evening. I understand they have several booths, each manned by two people, and get their bookings mainly by recommendation. I can really see why. Their attention to customer service and detail was first class from the initial booking, to the time they left the venue.

The booth was set up just outside the main reception hall and there was a constant stream of visitors the entire time they were there. Loads of accessories were provided from silly hats to wigs and moustaches and I was so surprised at how the least likely people donned the daftest accessories and behaved in such an out of character way. It was a lot of fun. The children absolutely loved it and what I really loved was that they were provided with a print each of excellent quality to keep and a duplicate print was put into a bespoke album for the bride and groom. It was presented to them at the end of the evening. Each person that went in the photo booth were asked to leave a written message to the bride and groom next to their photo. It is a lovely memory for my granddaughter and her husband to keep. Most of the guests went back several times, and each time they were given a print each and one for the album.

When my granddaughter booked Rentabooth, they were not the cheapest but from their recommendations, she decided to book them anyway and in my opinion, they would be very hard to beat and it was absolutely the right decision. I guess it proves that you get what you pay for. They were worth every penny. It’s also worth adding that they have been running professional photo booths for over ten years.


The importance of a second assistant for a wedding or a birthday party.

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A while back a lady contacted Rentabooth to book her sister’s wedding as a wedding present. She told me that she had wanted to book us two years before when she was getting married herself but left it so late we were fully booked. She had to use a different Photo Booth company and she had been incredibly disappointed as only one assistant covered her wedding with nobody to manage her guestbook. Two years after her wedding, her wedding guestbook still hadn’t been finished…

If you rely on your guests to make sure a print is put in your guestbook with a message, early in the evening it’s probably fine. Sadly after your guest have had a few drinks the system totally breaks down… Rentabooth makes sure that ALL of your photos go in your guestbook and we use a professional gluing machine to make sure that they don’t fall out. No Pritt Sticks for us! Our guestbooks are handmade too in the colour(s) of your choice. ALL of your guests will leave messages too, as long as they wait the seven seconds it takes for their photo to be printed, before going back to the dancing. We don’t give them their prints until they have written a message!

Photo Booth Choices

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Rentabooth offers many choices for the look of your Photo Booth, the different iPad stands, the colour of the your guestbook etc. Strips or 6″ x 4″s? Black & white or colour are important.

These are the two choices that can TOTALLY alter the look of both, the prints that we hand out to your guests and also the overall look of your guestbook.

The strip prints are a timeless classic going back to the original Photo Booths in the 1920s, and of course, only black & white was available. You also had to wait five minutes for the photos to be developed back then…

So those two things will define the look of your guestbook that Rentabooth will present to you at the end of the evening when your Photo Booth is finished. Black & white or colour is a personal choice.

We are now making the strips or 6″ x 4″s choice a financial one too… If you have the strips it saves us money on printing costs and we are passing it on to you, our clients. Any bookings we take before 28th February 2018 where you choose the strips will save you £25 on the booking.

(Did you know that Photo Booths were invented in 1925?!)


We are off to a few wedding shows in the coming weeks

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Come along and see us if you would like to see the quality of our products and the way we work.

The Photo Booth will be running at the shows and we’ll be giving free photos and keyrings away.

22nd January 2017
Kempton Park Racecoure

29th January 2017
Barn at Bury Court

12th February 2017
Sunbury Golf Club

We are also at Latimer House later in the year but they are refurbishing the old house soon and we don’t have a date yet.

Watch this space!

Our Guestbooks

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We love making unique Guestbooks for our clients and we don’t charge any extra for them because we enjoy it so much!

The blue book made for Samuel’s Barmitzvah below is a great example. Each of the different icons on the book cover is an interest of the Barmitzvah boy or something he loves doing and each icon was used as a name for each table.

We carry more than 30 different colours for making books and we are happy to use two colours for your book.

When you book your Photo Booth with us, let us know which colour(s) you would like. If you want anything very jazzy, we do need notice please. The orange and black book cover below was made for Lola’s Bat Mitzvah but Lola’s parents provided the silhouette for us to work from.

logo-guestbook lola-orange-book


The very latest in Photo Booth technology – by Rentabooth!

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The Youth Booth or BeautyBooth HD is a culmination of two years work by Rentabooth.

Almost nine years ago Rentabooth was one of the first Photo Booth companies in the UK. We brought a portable, affordable booth to events like weddings, Mitzvahs and corporate parties. With stunning photo quality, prints for all of your guests (every time they used the booth), superb quality guestbooks AND we carry spare equipment for everything that could possibly go wrong. And all at an affordable price. We have never been the cheapest but we have always been the best, by a long way.

Rentabooth has been constantly evolving and 2000 Photo Booths later we are announcing that we can now knock ten years off your age for any of your guests who use one of our Photo Booths! Think of it as an almost instant, superbly lit, Photoshopped portrait photo and you have the prints in your hands in ten seconds!

How it works. It is a special software that we have been working on for a few years. If, say a 60 year old woman and a 20 year old woman use the Photo Booth together the software, intelligently, isolates each face. It then does more softening and Photoshopping on the older face and barely touches the younger face.

The prints need to be bigger to see just how good they are so a full 6×4 inch print is better and the enlargements are absolutely gorgeous.

The possibilities are endless. Absolutely perfect for corporate product launches, the first hour of the Photo Booth at a wedding while everybody is looking fresh and glamorous, hen parties and any event where the guests are done up to the nines.

Take a look at the samples below to see what we mean.

Give us a call if you would like us to attend your event on 01895 468858.

As promised I have added a couple more shots using our most popular Photo Booth sparkly background.


before IMG_0031_BEAUTY


IMG_1295 before
IMG_1295 after


Wedding Shows

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It’s is a while since my last post but it is finding the time. I am getting married this year too.

A flurry of wedding shows to go to or we have been to.

We covered the Barn at Bury Court in Bentley, nr Farnham last Sunday and it was a very well attended wedding show.

We work there at least 20 times each year. It is a lovely, elegant wedding venue. as lovely on a summers day as it is at Christmas.

We are at the Great Barn in Harrow this Sunday.

We are at Sunbury Golf Club on the 20th February 2016.

We have the Latimer House wedding show on the 24th April.

Come and see us and try our Photo Booth out and receive a keyring for each member of your party who attends the show.

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