Zooming past the 400 mark and a nice story with photos

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A while since I managed to find the time to do an update. I must find the time to report more often. I must try harder!
Three weeks ago we covered our 400th Photobooth. That is very good going as we covered our very first for Rachel & Ian in December 2007 which makes us the busiest Photobooth company in the UK by a long, long way.
Quite a few important milestones in the first two and a half years of Rentabooth. Our first canine Rentabooth subject. Our first Photobooth that featured a live chicken complete with feather boa! Our first circus based Photobooth. The list goes on…
Here are a few from Lucie’s circus themed party. The guests outfits were fab.

chicken Circus_1 Circus_2 Circus_3 Circus_4 Circus_5

Surprisingly the chicken was more of a poser than the dog. Archie the Scottie never really got into the Photobooth groove.


Quite a few weeks ago we had a call from an Israeli based charity about a summer camp in the UK for Israeli youngsters with cancer. They bring them over to the UK for a holiday to remember every two years. If you have read some of my ramblings from earlier this year, you will know that Rentabooth now chooses a single charity event every year where we donate our services and accept donations from the users of the Photobooth that go to the charity.
Last weekend was fully booked Saturday and very unusually for us we had a free Sunday. What I didn’t realise was that we would miss the World Cup Final but on Sunday it didn’t really matter as England weren’t in it any way. Ho hum.
Having taken a look at the Zichron Menachem website. (www.zichronuk.org)
I decided that we would donate our services to them too as it such a worthwhile cause and on Sunday at the Holiday Inn in Brentwood the Photobooth went down an absolute storm.
When I tell you that these 135 youngsters, 40 helpers, the medical staff, the entertainment crew etc, despite their illnesses, live life to the absolute max. It may surprise you but they queued until they had used the Photobooth and then ran back around and rejoined the end of the queue! They were brilliant and we also made over 350 keyrings to hand out and as the last keyring was put together we looked around and realised that we were left there, in the dark and everybody else had gone! That’s how busy the Photobooth was and we ran it almost no stop from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm. I would like to thank Stephen, my long suffering mate who donated his time too. When we got back we were absolutely cream crackered. The M25 was down to one lane on the way home so we missed the pub too.
Many, many thanks to all of the staff and helpers from Zichron Menachem. They were superb and if you feel the urge to give them a donation you can do that through their website too.
Zichron01 Zichron02 Zichron03 Zichron04 Zichron05 Zichron06 Zichron07 Zichron08 Zichron09 Zichron10 Zichron11 Zichron12 Zichron13 Zichron14

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