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Richard shot his first wedding when he was 16 and, apart from a gap when he worked at a computer graphics company and printers, he has spent most of his working life shooting weddings and other social occasions.

The computer graphics years were a huge part of his education that allowed him to develop something like the Photo Booth (although he did have quite a bit of help from an American friend). He formed Pixels in 2001 when digital cameras finally became a viable and cost effective option and Rentabooth is an extension of it.

He stumbled on the Photo Booth concept in the United States in 2007 and very quickly realised that a booth adds a totally new dimension to social occasions, (not just weddings) and the UK market was ready for it!

With nobody on the other side of the camera, it gives your guests the delicious freedom to let their hair down in the privacy of the Photo Booth and the results will show a side to your guests that you may not have seen before. Dressing up (optional!) and really having fun!

The Photo Booth adds as much entertainment and fun to an event as it does create great memories for the host(s) of the event.

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First in the UK!

Rentabooth was the first in the UK to offer Photo Booths at an affordable price and the service and personalisation of the products that they offer are second to none.

In ten years and over 2500 Photo Booths, we know that no other Photo Booth company in the UK does things in the way that we do. Our organisation is second to none and means that we can get many, many of your guests through the Photo Booth quickly and we are very proactive in trying to get all of your guests to use it over the course of the evening.

We also have our iPad email stands that are hugely popular and they are exclusive to Rentabooth.